Opportunity Zone Deep Dive

Barrett Linburg


Savoy Equity

Andrew Gradman



Barrett, one of the country’s leading practitioners of OZ development, and Andrew, a solo tax lawyer in Los Angeles specializing in OZ’s, will lead a discussion on best practices of the OZ program.

Modern Capital Raising

Rohun Jauhar


JT Capital

Rohun will discuss the nitty-gritty of his fund raising process: how it works, the documents and videos he creates, the tools he uses, the people involved - all of it. Generously sponsored by AppFolio.

State of the Industrial Market

Chris Powers


Fort Capital

Because Fort is transacting in such volume and managing so much industrial real estate, Chris has granular information regarding pricing and tenant demand across a wide range of markets. Chris will set the table with what he’s seeing, then lead an off-the-record discussion among other industry participants.

Property Management Bootstrapping

Seth Bame



Peter Lohmann


RL Property Management

Peter will interview Seth about how he got started, how he grew in the early days, the mistakes he made, and the inflection point that saw him go from around 2,000 units to 20,000 in a matter of a few short years.

Making Ground Up Work

Sean Sweeney


Hall Sweeney Properties

Antonia Botero



Clifton Harness



Sean, Antonia and Clifton will discuss how ground up projects are getting funded and built in this difficult climate. Generously sponsored by Testfit.

AI in Real Estate

Yohei Nakajima


Untapped Capital and BabyAGI

Cat Allday



Yohei and Cat will give a sense of the state of the art in AI today and what’s coming in the next few years. Generously sponsored by AppFolio.

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